Tuloy Po Kayo” Michelle Rabaya

Tuloy Po Kayo” is an inspiring story on the history of the Tuloy Foundation in Metro Manila, Philippines. The film follows the presenter, Michelle Rabaya, as she embarks on a one-month volunteering experience as an assistant teacher at the foundation. The word “Tuloy” means welcome or to continue, the founder of the foundation Father Rocky Evangelista wanted to create an environment where street children feel welcomed back to society. The literal translation for “Tuloy Po Kayo” is “Please come in” which insinuates the symbolic representation of the welcoming environment the foundation embodies. The film was shot entirely during her time volunteering and conducted interviews with the staff and teachers who shared stories about their experiences at the Tuloy Foundation.

"Let Women Choose" Xiana Yago Tortajada

María, a Spanish physician, works in a Maternity Hospital in the Ecuadorian rainforest. She investigates about
adolescent and unintended pregnancies. At the hospital, María meets Yanina, a mother of two, who has to work
hard in order to maintain her family, as she is married to a not very present husband. Yanina gets pregnant
unintentionally, and she decides to have an abortion. However, since abortion is illegal in Ecuador, Yanina won’t
be able to purchase any abortion pills at the pharmacy, so she decides to use some traditional herbs for abortion.
When Yanina starts bleeding at home, she is very frightened and decides to go to the hospital. Gina the obstetrician explains to María that, although abortion is illegal in the country, many doctors take advantage of this
situation performing abortions in hidden clinics. While interviewing youngsters at comprehensive schools, María meets Mishell, a teenager who unexpectedly
explains that her biological father sexually abused her when she was ten. María wants to help Mishell to report it to the police, but her mother is afraid of denouncing her ex-husband. However, Mishell and her mother Flor will go ahead. Maria concludes her research and understands that in Ecuadorian families, behind adolescent and unwanted pregnancies often hide violence and sexual abuse.

"Ganzorig and the River Wolf" Rob Taylor

Ganzorig grew up in remote Northern Mongolia fishing for Taimen trout. It now fails to him and an international team of scientists to protect the future of the largest trout on Earth.

Breaking Borders", Barbara Vollebregt & Fatima Warsame

Breaking Borders is a portrait of the life of gay refugee and activist Ibrahim Mokdad (30). Fleeing from Lebanon to find freedom in Germany, Ibrahim left everyone and everything behind. In Breaking Borders we see Ibrahim break social and cultural borders by being a voice for the many LGBTIQA refugees in Europe.

Full of Life”, Eefje Van den Akker and Eva Oosterveld

"Full of Life" shows how the lives of Pieter (69) and Liesbeth (54) have changed since the tragic death of their son Joost. After his death they decided to get to work as volunteers on the Greek island of Lesvos. This is one of their ways to contribute to the situation in this area, by giving meaning to their lives and leave the vision of their son continued. A young person full of ideals and with a strong desire to change the world for the better. 

"Next Level", Jasmijn Verhulst

Kaj van Staalduinen (25) is a professional gamer. Despite the fact that Kaj spends 30 to 40 hours a week on training for the game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", he is anything but a stereotypical gamer. He consciously chose not to game full time and live a normal life next to it. But what would happen if he gets scouted and given the opportunity to turn professional?

"Shared by Three", directed and produced by Evita Mac-nack and Maxime de Vries.

"Shared by Three" tells the story of two men, a woman and their desire to have children of their own. In this documentary we follow a future pink co-parental family. Maarten and Elliott (30) have been married for ten years and are ready to make their dreams come true: having a family of their own. Six months ago they met Kim, a 38-year-old woman with the same desire to have children, with whom they decided to have a baby and raise together. 

"Everyday Madness", Alledaagse Waanzin

Twenty-something Ivor suffers from bipolar depressions and has psychotic episodes. In the Dutch documentary Everyday Madness Ivor looks for positive recovery in a world where depression and psychoses are commonplace. He fights his own everyday battle against his mental diseases, and against the current stigma. But what happens if his illness continues?

"A Call from A Water Tank", Emmi van den Boom, Tove Tikkanen Jönn and Simon Forsberg

When the South Sudanese government started hunting Grace after falsely accusing her of helping the rebel forces, she had no choice but to flee the country. She was forced into hiding, leaving her four children behind. They were apart for over seven months. But on the 17th January 2017, they met again. They didn’t reunite back home, but in Palorinya refugee camp in Northern Uganda. Since that day, they have been trying to start their lives over, and to build their dreams again. But that is not an easy task when you have lost everything.


"The Magic Pill", Robert Tate

A documentary exploring how changing the way we eat can not only impact our own health, but the health of every living thing on our planet.