"It's All About the story!"


Hindenburg Systems is a Danish software company specialising in intuitive, portable solutions for storytellers. 

Our mission is to tear down the technical divide between storytellers and their audience.

We do this by providing intuitive products to the storytelling community, as well as by directly supporting community and independent journalism around the world.

We provide innovative technological features that allow audio raconteurs to focus on telling great stories, while our software ensures broadcast quality results.

Our products are developed in close collaboration with professional and amateur users to ensure that our tools provide real solutions - today and in the digital future. 

Every day 4 billion radio sets are turned on and tuned in.
— Hindenburg Systems

Stories are spread through the airwaves from Alaska to Antarctica.

From cities to rural areas, radio gives voice to street children in Tanzania, indigenous journalists in Nepal and war correspondents covering the darkest corners of our world. 

Radio touches our hearts. 

The stories we hear change our perspective. 

Radio can strengthen communities and build nations. 

But despite radio being the most widespread media on the planet, there can still be a long way from storytellers to their audience. 

Our mission is to close that gap….