The Festival


In the UK every year we are privileged to host many festivals dedicated to film. These range from features with big budgets and big stars to independents with new talent. What has been unrepresented however is non-fiction documentary work, not only in film but also audio the fastest growing area in field. We aim to fill that need at the Telling Tales International Film and Audio Documentary Festival by dedicating ourselves to the annual theatrical exhibition of non-fiction cinema and audio documentaries.


Each summer Telling Tales will welcome documentary professionals, students and afficionados from around the world to Manchester, England, for a three-day feast of films and audio as well as discussions, panels, and Northern hospitality. Set within the city centre this festival aims to nurture community and conversation among academia, industry and the public.


The festival is a program presented by the Centre for Historical and Contemporary Documentary Practice and supported by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University.


The Mission


Telling Tales serves the documentary form in both historical and contemporary formats and aims to support the industry by showcasing the work of established and emerging film and audio documentarians.  Here at the festival we have three major goals: to establish the festival as a premiere international documentary film and audio festival; to advance the documentary genre as a meaningful art form; to provide educational and cultural opportunities to students and the public. The festival provides an arena that cultivates conversation between artists, students, and the Telling Tale audience. Telling Tales is committed to strengthening public understanding and appreciation of the documentary form and its significance, while making the work more accessible to a wider audience.