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International Film & Audio Documentary Festival

8th, 9th & 10th June 2018

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The 2017 Winners


Grand prize winner Film-
"A Call From Water Tank 6"

Emmi van den Boom, Tove Tikkanen Jönn and Simon Forsberg

When the South Sudanese government started hunting Grace after falsely accusing her of helping the rebel forces, she had no choice but to flee the country. She was forced into hiding, leaving her four children behind. They were apart for over seven months. But on the 17th January 2017, they met again. They didn’t reunite back home, but in Palorinya refugee camp in Northern Uganda. Since that day, they have been trying to start their lives over, and to build their dreams again. But that is not an easy task when you have lost everything.

grand prize winner Audio-
"The Silent Wound"

Natalia Guerrero

During Colombia’s 53-year internal conflict, around 15,000 military veterans have lived in their own bodies with the heart-breaking consequences of a barbaric war. A considerable number of them have also sacrificed their masculinity in the form of genital trauma.

International professional Film- "Let Women Choose

Xiana Yago Tortajada

The hard hitting story of a Spanish physician who works with young women in a rural South American community, helping them through difficult pregnancies and family lives.

U.K. Professional Film- "Ganzorig & The RIVER WOLF"

Rob Taylor

Ganzorig grew up on the banks of the River Eg in remote Northern Mongolia. As a child his family would poach enormous Taimen trout from the clear free-flowing river.
As an adult Ganzorig and an international team of scientists are trying to learn more about the the largest Trout on Earth, before it's too late.

International Student- "Different Names for Bullying"

Marco Poggio

The is the story of a Lakota man named Steven Gray who joined the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Like many others who oppose the pipeline’s construction, Gray wishes to defend the water source for his community and the integrity of sacred site. But Gray’s involvement in the fight includes a more subtle reason: after loosing a son to suicide as a consequence of bullying, Gray has resolved to fight all forms of bullying and oppression. The disregard for the sovereignty of Native people in light of the pipeline dispute became for Gray a source of personal struggle.


UK Student- "Straightline"

Arthur Hagues

Straightline is a remarkable portrait of life after prison.Featuring honest, intimate stories from six former prisoners, the film touches on such everyday concerns as: where am I going to live; how am I going to face my family; how am I going to spend my time?

UK Audio professional- "leaving the fold"

Ed Prossor

A young ex-Muslim, a middle-aged ex-Hindu, and an ex-born-again-Christian, each recount what their lives were like growing up in devout religious families and what spurred them on to renounce their faith. The programme traces the moments that defined their journeys.

UK student Audio-
"Origins of the skinheads"

Harriet Davies

A historical look at the formation of the Skinheads.

International Audio-
"An  artists journey: to Cameroon and Back"

Caperton Morton

Artist Anne Heart Gregory from Durham, North Carolina goes to Cameroon, Africa to create collaborative art with a group of girls orphaned due to AIDS. When she returns home she continues the project in an unexpected way.


Best Cinematography-
"Back to Basics"

Fleur Born & Christa Hiddinga

When looking at the food production and consumption we have right now, what will we be eating in a hundred years time? This is one of many questions family Van den Braak worries about. They believe change begins with yourself. Being able to see where and how your food grows, in the most natural way possible, is very important to them. These ideas come together at the Herenboeren farm at Wilhelminapark in Boxtel, the Netherlands. That’s why the family made a two thousand euros investment in the farm to be able to eat its products.

Photos from the 2017 festival


"THE ACTIVISTS: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets", Directed by Melody Shemtov
Produced by Melody Shemtov, Michael T. Heaney, and Marco Roldán

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"Lots of Life", Eefje van den Akker and Eva Oosterveld

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"Back to Basics", A film by Christa Hiddinga ( and Fleur Born (


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